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Suggestions - Jutsus

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26 Re: Suggestions - Jutsus on Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:55 pm


I don't think that inverting your screens colors will really be needed, and if we do, that'll be up to hardik because it would depend on if he knows how to program that in.

And you'll probably be able to tell if someone is henged because it would show an arrow over their head and if they used bunshin of any type, the arrow would stay over the main user, and not over all of the clones, so you could tell which one is real.

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27 Re: Suggestions - Jutsus on Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:40 pm


Academy Student
Academy Student
Tydon wrote:To be a member of Akatsuki, you would first need to complete a quest. Then from there, you would be recruited by the leader (first Akatsuki member to join), however you can only be permitted to enter, if and only if you have completed the quest.

So, if you completed the quest and have done everything you needed to do, this does not assure your acceptance into Akatsuki. Maybe they'll have needs like certain clan members or people with unique ability, or just good fighters in general.
1:Best idea jus cause some1 beats the quest they shouldnt automatically gain acceptance in akatasku.
2:Letting oturan choose or bbeing voted in by general population is another good idea(sry i forget your name who thought of this)

Say it's Scipio for example.

It's just another day and he feels like he wants to join the side of darkness for whatever reasons he may have.

He would go to some mysterious NPC who might give him a quest. Most likely, it'll be Tobi(Madara Uchiha).

He will talk to you about the quest.

Tobi: Heya buddy!!(exaggerated expression and acting like a fool)

Want to know a secret?

(More serious side of Madara) There's a way to take over the world. It won't be easy, but if we can round up some powerful missing nin, I'm sure we could pull it off.

What I need you to do is...

From there, you would recieve the quest.

After that, the first person to do so will have the Akatsuki leader title. It will not show up unless you're wearing the Akatsuki robe. This is a small way of hiding your identity, which may play a large role in parts of Oturan.

(Same with Anbu masks and outfits.)

You would have the ability to recruit maybe 7 more people. Just so we don't have too many overpowered people, and it makes for 4 teams of 2.

upon being recruited, you will receive the hat and robe of traditional Akatsuki members.

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28 Re: Suggestions - Jutsus on Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:21 am


Bumping isn't really allowed but it's not against the rules, but Spamming to raise your post count is....
So warned....

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