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1Points Levelling Empty Points Levelling on Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:18 pm


Pretty much what it says on the tin.

I understand we have ranks of which will offer a certain statistical power up when obtained, however, merging a points levelling system to the game will allow for the members character to be more personally defined in it's strengths and weaknesses.

Now, in my mind, RANKS will generally be used to boost your statistics all round and make availiable stronger sets of jutsu.

The points levelling could add yet another dimension. For every level obtained, you receive a set number of points to personally distribute amongst your statistics. This would include your characters general stats; like Attack Power, Defence, Jutsu Attack Power (or JAP for short) etc etc: Aswell as strengthening your favoured area of Jutsu style; for example, Taijutsu or Genjutsu.

Now, you maybe thinking that I have just contradicted myself with the mentioning of both the Jutsu Styles and JAP, but let me embellish on this...

Say you acquire the Rank of Jounin and unlock the possibility of learning the Rasengan as a Ninjutsu. Now, if this was just freely distributed, everybody on the game would be using it. However, if it had the application of a points allowance to it; for example, you must have at least 10 points set on your Ninjutsu Style to learn this technique; then you would find that more and more people would take the challenge of pointing up their Ninjutsu to learn it.

In the end, I think points levelling is the ultimate in regards to personal definition of a character. And merged with the ranking system, it could make this game incredibly addictive, especially with the added challenge AND the knowledge that no one person will have very similar characters unless out of coincidence.

I believe I'll mock up an example on GIMP, just to give you the impression I am on about.

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2Points Levelling Empty Re: Points Levelling on Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:35 pm


I understand your reasoning Coco and that is an amazing idea. Although I'm not sure abreviating something as JAP would be smart, lol.

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3Points Levelling Empty Re: Points Levelling on Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:52 pm


Very true, very true. I wonder if I cnfused anyone with the detail I went into though. Noones replied.

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4Points Levelling Empty Re: Points Levelling on Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:24 pm

it sounds like a very good idea, and it would really help with the personalization for each person's character. I like it Very Happy

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5Points Levelling Empty Re: Points Levelling on Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:47 am

Yeah i think you might have, are you just refering to plain old stat points? Because if you are the basis for that comes with the engine, right now without any effort when you level up you recieve points to distribute between things like, Attack, Defense, Speed etc. If that is what you're refering to thank you for the suggestion because it will likely help adding more categories and such but if not could you please explain more?

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6Points Levelling Empty Re: Points Levelling on Thu Nov 26, 2009 5:07 pm


You've basically summarised what I'm trying to say. Although, I must admit, I've always had difficulty translating an idea into words. Although the general stats like ATK, DEF & SPD would be included, I was talking about merging the points idea with an alternative ranks idea, as well as embellishing on the point distribution itself.

ATK, DEF etc are pretty much standard. What I was trying to say is that Ranks could also be used to unlock a certain amount of more powerful jutsu. However, due to the complexities of these jutsu, you require a certain allocated amount of points on a specific jutsu style(s) to be able to learn it.

So, say you become a Chuunin, and have the possibility of learning a Shadow Clone Jutsu. This is a Ninjutsu, so first things first, you would have needed to allocate points to the Ninjutsu style. Secondly, each jutsu should have a point allowance, SO, if we assume that, to learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu, you require 10 points to be allocated to your Ninjutsu style, then you must have that many points to be able to acquire the technique, whereas, if your Ninjutsu Point Allocation is too low, you will need to continue levelling up as to build up enough points on that style as to learn it.

So, just as a bit of a Role Play -

I have just passed the Chuunin exams and have unlocked a select number of more powerful Jutsu. I wish to learn the Leaf Whirlwind of which holds a Points requirement of 4 on the Taijutsu Style. Unfortunately, my points allocation for that style is only 2. Thus, the screen or interface tells me I do not have enough points to learn this technique. This means that I go out into the field, level up once or twice more and return to the academy. I have now allocated enough points to the Taijutsu style as to allow me to learn the Leaf Whirlwind.

Does this help?

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7Points Levelling Empty Re: Points Levelling on Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:44 am

Yeah that helps a lot, i get what you're saying now, thanks for the suggestion.

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8Points Levelling Empty Re: Points Levelling on Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:02 am


Strength: Increases Melee and Weaponary combat power.

Intellect: Increases the power of genjutsu and buffs.

Dexterity: Increases block rate and ( Attack speed?)

Stamina: Increases overall health points and fatigue points.

Spirit: Increases chakra reserves and ninjutsu strength.(Also helps the user to use correct amounts of chakra when executing a jutsu)?

What do you say? I think it fits nicely YC. added with the "JAP" it would be a nice leveling system.

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9Points Levelling Empty Re: Points Levelling on Sun Dec 20, 2009 8:58 am



Strength - Yes

Intellect - Maybe, because the chakra stat kind of handles that

Dexterity - Big word for speed XD

Stamina - Yep, thats in the game, it goes down when you run, and when it hits 0, you cant run until it fills up a little.

Spirit - Chakra

We also have defense.

thanks Victory

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